Promises, promises

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Today I found out about JavaScript Promises and I have to say, the technology is pretty amazing, but the name is bad, realy bad. I just wish they have chosen a better name, like “Pipelines”. If someone told me “Hey, did you know the new JavaScript Pipelines?”, I’d knew almost instantly what was he talking about.

Anyway, JavaScript Pipelines… Ejem… Promises are pretty amazing. One way to look at it is by thinking as a chain of events at your fingertips, for you to control or do whatever you whant with them.

I love JavaScript, is one of my favorite programming languages, but it’s filled with some nasty demons you need to tame before you can do some serious work. For example “Loading Events”, wich you do not control and because of that you’ll end up filling your code with some horrendous validations just to make it work properly.

Promises promises to fix that (see what I did there?), giving you full control of the execution pipeline.

You can get more información on this excelent article by Jake Archibald, JavaScript Promises: An Introduction.

I don’t know what this blog is about yet, I thouth it was Photography, but lately I was thinking about coding.

We’ll see.

Written by Eduardo Ferrón
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